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✔ Access Facebook Anytime, Facebook is no longer blocked 
✔ Download Free Music and Videos, Music Store and video giant, diverse for you. 
✔ Smooth Web Browsing Experience No Ads,, Surf the web faster, cleaner than ever. 

Key Features
★ Comprehensive news aggregation in one application 
★ Hot news updates and notifications ★ Fast, relevant 
★ High speed video viewing for Vietnamese users 
★ Smart download support for Vietnamese users 
★ Facebook Mode for Vietnamese Users 
★ Home Speed ​​and Stability 
★ Fast Browsing with Space Saver 
★ Blocking Ads 
★ Night Mode 

Diverse news for Vietnamese users
Diverse news right on the homepage of the browser. You will not need to remember the long list of different news sites you like. Just one application is enough to satisfy your daily reading needs. 
★ Send the latest HOT news to Vietnamese users
You will never worry about missing out on the hottest news that is of interest to young people. UC will send HOT news announcements based on your personal preferences. 
★ Watch High-speed Videos for Vietnamese Users
Watching online videos is no longer waiting. Watch movies and tv shows at the highest speed. 
★ Smart download mode for Vietnamese users 
UC's system accelerates and stabilizes the load. Also, when the download is interrupted, the UC will continue this process at the point of connection loss. 
★ Facebook Mode for Vietnamese Users 
Browsing Facebook Up to 130% faster on UC Browser, with Facebook Notifier 
★ Home Speed ​​and Stability 
With UC, you will no longer have to wonder what you should do, All great suggestions are available on the UC home page 
★ Fast browsing with space saving 
Compress data, speed up browsing and save up to MB of space for you 
★ Block Ads 
With Contribution From user departments, UC can block most ads on large sites high hits 
Night mode
Switch to night mode for more comfortable night and protect your eyes. 

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